Sunday, 22 March 2015

London Walk - Liverpool Street to Hackney Central

Today was a grey day. The weather report had at one point promised sunshine for Sunday but while there were glimpses of blue sky it was pretty grey but it didn't stop OH and I heading out for a walk. We haven't been for a walking about town for a while. I suggested heading East from Liverpool Street and here is what we saw:
Near Shoreditch High Street station OH spotted this - eerily beautiful

Above and below were on Redchurch Street heading towards Brick Lane 

But we cut through Arnold Circus to avoid the crowds of Brick Lane where I spotted this fab Victorian signage

And quirky traffic sign
Now it being Sunday we caught the tail end of Columbia Road Flower Market

This is somewhere I've always wanted to go to but even  though it was in the last hour it was heaving so here are the pictures I took from the pavement looking into the market

At the top end of Columbia Road I spotted this brilliant phone next to a take away
OH let me pop into Hackney City Farm for a quick chicken fix 

So much of London seems to be being pulled down and rebuilt, mainly into luxury flats. Soon there will be little of true London left and no one will be able to afford to live there. So much greed, very little foresight. 

More great graffiti on Broadway Market 
And the canal with a gas storage tower in the background. These too are being sold off and so this view may not be there for much longer either. 
True East End - can't stand jellied eels myself but love the frontage of this eel shop and it's as London as you can get.
More fabulous graffiti on Ada Street - or should that be Inequality Street. Another statement on the redevelopment of the area.
We ended our walk going up the Regent Canal up to Hackney. Got a bit carried away with the reflections 
So there we have it, a brief walk through East London. And so much to see! OH wants to do some of the Capital Ring which is on the agenda soon. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

More Spring colour in sunny South London

This time last year I was suffering from a bout of depression and self doubt. Not the best of times but one thing that really helped was sunshine. Now when I see blue sky and sunshine I try to get outside if I can, even if it's just for a few moments. I'd checked the weekend forecast and saw that it was going to be pretty grey and miserable except first thing on Saturday morning so I bounced out of bed early enough to be out the door, trusty camera in hand to go round my favourite stomping ground of my local park to take these:
Look I was up so early that there was no kids in the playground... it was eerily quiet!
Early morning shadows
Ah nothing says spring like daffodils. And these were super tiny and super cute!
OK ready for lots of blossom shots? Here's looking up. Always look up on a sunny day, through trees if you can - it will make you smile :)
The park through blossom

The tennis courts through the blossom
And a close up of yes you've guessed it blossom! 
9am and the infamous Park Run gets ready to set off from the Lido with the cityscape of London in the background - you can just make out the London Eye in the right of the picture. 
Highlight of my walk was spotting this long tailed tit, one of my favourite birds and in the middle of London (albeit in the park). OK not the best photo as of course I had the wrong lense! Always keep an eye out as wildlife is all around - you just have to look for it!
Yep  I spotted more blossom on the other side of the park, Pink and blue - bliss! 
Sunshine through the trees
And look the Park Run caught up with me. There were loads of them!
Small patches of daffodils throughout the park
Winter is still close by - loving the reflections of these reeds in the duck pond
Early morning stretches 
And dappled light - just look at that sunshine!!

And I managed to time my walk perfectly as the cloud came in just as I got back home and the rest of the weekend was grey and miserable so a great excuse to keep on crafting!! 

Crafty Update

March already? How did that happen? Time seems to be flying by but here are two more projects I've recently finished.

 The first is a papercut from the fabulous Paper Panda based in the Cotswolds. And I used a top tip from the King of Paper cutting (Rob Ryan) which was to use spray paint on the finish item. I was really pleased with the results and it gave such a great finish.
I've also been trying to declutter. Part of this includes trying to use up crafty items I've stock piled over the years. Whilst sorting through my craft supplies I found a kit from Michael Powell which I hadn't made. So I started this over Christmas and finally finished it last week. 

All I need to do now is find frames for both of them.... no rest for the wicked! 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Crafty Update and work in progress

Another week and look more craft! I seem to be on a roll. So first up it was Mother's Day here in the UK. I was feeling a little uninspired until I went to one of my favorite sites Paper Panda and downloaded this template.  A little bit too big to be a card but do you know what? My mum was, and I quote, 'gob smacked' when she opened it. If you know my mum this is a very rare occurrence!
Next up is a little experiment in embroidered pendants. I was quite chuffed as it's so cute! 
Now I have a few projects on the go and though I should share my work in progress to date as they are quite big projects, First up I've started  a blanket for a baby due in July. All very exciting! It's going to be for the sibling of the recipient of this blanket a couple of years ago. 
And finally it may not look like much at the moment but this is 1/4 of my next cross stitch project. 
It's based on this photo from last year of a wild flower meadow in my favorite Brockwell Park
Can you tell which section is belongs to yet? I've got a long road ahead of me but so far so good!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Celebrating International Women's Day with graffiti in Leake Street

Sunday was International Women's Day. Now I must admit that I don't normally celebrate this but when I read that there would be a Street Art festival of female graffiti artists I jumped at the chance to check it out. Leake Street is somewhere I've always meant to visit as it's legendary on the urban art scene as it's a legal wall (Banksy held an exhibition here a couple of years ago) but I've never actually gone until this weekend. So dragging OH we jumped on the trusty 59 and headed off down Lower Marsh Street. Leake Street is the first time I have ever smelt where I was going before actually getting there. The powerful smell of spray cans from over 150 artists was incredible. And the place was packed with artists and people looking on - such a great vibe. It was also great to also see kids being encouraged to have a go. Here's a few shots of the action.