Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lazy days of Easter, part two

I was spoilt and had three days of glorious sunshine. Mum and Dad are prolific gardeners so I spent many a happy hour or two taking photos of the flowers and insects all around. Enjoy! 

Now as mentioned in my earlier post we didn't go far but we did pop into local town Ulverston and I couldn't resist taking a few cheeky shots of local boy done good Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.... 
All in all a fabulous break from the craziness of the big smoke. Great to re-charge the batteries and see the family. 

Lazy days of Easter part one

Easter came late this year and boy was I ready for  a break by the time it came. Normally I go to see my mum and dad when they're in France but as Easter was so late I went up to see them at the homestead in Cumbria. The weather was picture perfect and spring was definitely in the air!

Now there is so much to show you despite not really going very far so bare with me. I'll divide into two posts. First of all a magical walk down into the woods and some shots of the sheep in the neighbouring fields

Walking down to the woods I came across 6 rams, some of whom were very curious and came up close enough for me to pet them. They were clearly having a rest whiles the ewes lambs.

This was the most camera shy of them all, but I can't get enough of a Herdwick ram's horns. And I got fairly close to him.

But enough of sheep, off to the woods. Look how blue that sky is! Remember this is Cumbria!!

And how's that for a view of the homestead!

I spotted this and it reminded me of a rider on a horse. Well ok a rather large rider or a very small horse but was odd to see.

 Even in the woods the sky was such a bright blue.

And look, wild primroses
And I give you the woods. I love coming down here, especially on my own. They are so magical.

And at the end of the wood is this amazingly old bridge. No edges on either side, just a crossing in to the other side of the valley with the river roaring below.

Back up into the fields you can see a really, really old typical Lakeland gate made out of a bit of slate. .
Yep that's right, 1663. How's that for graffiti! 

And finally (as I love taking pictures of sheep) here are a few of the ewes and their lambs.

All together now. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Hope you all had a lovely Easter. I'll be posted soon about what I made over the Easter. What? You thought I just sat in the sunshine taking photos? Think again people...

Crafty Fox, part two

And so day two of  the first half of this month's Crafty Fox Market. I had to abandon O.H. so I could go and take more photos. Not sure he was happy about it but I really wanted to take photos on both days over in Peckham and there were so many makers I wanted to see. Here are a few of my favourites. Again if you want to see more photos got to the Crafty Fox Market facebook page.
I was particularly excited to see Afro Supa Store aka Jon Daniel at the Crafty Fox this time. If you don't know me my surname is also Daniel and I met up with Jon last year. For the full story please read my post 'what's in a name?'. I can't recommend Jon's work highly enough! I love it!!  
I'm a sucker for any fabric with skulls on it and so was drawn to Punkaboo, fun alternative child clothing. 
I got some great shots from Eleanor Stuart's stall 
The clean, cut lines and colourful celebration of everything South London of Ray Stanbrook 
Made by Swimmer  come from Bournemouth and know my friend Mardle Made  which was a nice surprise. Their stall was full of fun cushions and were a picture of happiness. 
I've got to know Lucy Loves This  through the Crafty Fox and she is also a fellow Brixtonite. I love this picture of her. 
Made by Mrs M  is a new discovery for me and I fell in love with the fabric. And bought some of the middle colour (blue and brown) hoping to make a top from it. Watch this space!! 
I could have bought up the whole stall..... 
Mr Wingate  and Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It were back doing the workshops. Here is Lisa making herself a printed apron with Mr Wingate. 

Great to see new work from Jill, how fabulous are these cushions?. Was also great to see them being bought to be taken home to my favourite USA town of Portland, Oregon. Crafty Fox is going global!! 
And finally here is a pic of my haul from the day. I splurged quite a lot I must admit but most purchases had been planned in advance. So we have fabric from Made by Mrs M, cards and a print from Jill (whose work I can't get enough of) and a necklace which I've had my eye on for quite a while from Kate Rowland. All in all a great end to a great day. Next market is in Brixton at the end of the month for more crafty goodness...