Monday, 7 April 2014

Crafty Update

I've just realised  that I haven't shared this year's Valentine's Card! Blimey talk about late..
 Was chuffed with this one which was my own design. Simple but effective even if I do say so myself! And OH liked it which is the main point of the exercise! And despite being Mr Grumpy he is my sunshine..... awwww I hear you all cry. Anyway.... 
I  visited the Knitting and Stitch Fair a couple of weeks ago and picked up this kit from Rowandean and used it for this year's Mother's Day card. It really helped me during a dark period and helped relight my creativity.  Ironically I'd gone to see if I could find some fabric for more clothes yet to be made. One of the busiest stalls was Simply Fabrics, my local fabric shop in Brixton!! But I did find another shop not that far away from me but I'll leave this for a later blog post. 
In my continued fit of creativity I dug out the shrink plastic I have to make myself a couple of brooches. 
Can't claim to have taken the photos which I scanned from a book (I know, not ideal) but was really chuffed with the end results and I've added to my increasing brooch collection. And watching it all shrink down still makes me smile!
  And finally having being inspired from the embroidery I completed for Mother's Day card I came up with these. The pendants were bought from the wonderful Jasmin Craft Studio
Experiments in colour 
And pattern  but colour co-ordinated with the colours I normally wear! 
And I love them. This bottom one was the first I came up with and I felt like it was a real turning point in what had been a very dark start of the year but I feel refreshed and given a renewed confidence. Onwards and upwards! What do you think? Hopefully I'll get round to putting them on a website and hopefully try and sell some. So that's it, quite a productive creative spurt I think. Hurrah!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spitting Image

Well March for me was a bit of wash out I'm afraid hence not many posts. I found myself in a bit of a dark place which was, well, depressing! But having spent a few weeks talking to a fantastic counsellor back on form and coming back into the light.

Anyway moving on.... This Sunday OH and I went along to the Cartoon Museum to check out the Spitting Image exhibition. Now I think every child of the 70s watched Spitting Image in the 80s and didn't necessarily get the politics (well perhaps it was just me). I watched a documentary a couple of weeks ago which pointed out that Spitting Image meant that you knew many more politicians that you possibly would now and it's so true.
Anyway the exhibition was mixture of photos, models and cartoons (well it was in the Cartoon Museum after all) 
And also a lot of merchandise..... 
Despite there being signs everywhere saying you could take photos of the gallery but not a one specific art work I was asked not to take photos was a little annoying to be honest.... 
Put I played the game and put the camera away but confusing signage to say the least. Ah well. Overall was a great exhibition and was nice to visit a small museum for a change which we haven't done for a while! Shame I can't get the blooming Spitting Image song out of my mind....

A foggy start

I love foggy mornings, especially in Spring as they usually lead to a lovely sunny day. Normally when I see fog in London it's in the Winter when the sun hasn't really woken up but today the sun was up and the weather was foggy and hazy. Now luckily I always give myself plenty of time to get to work and so I was able to spend a little time snapping away before I jumped on the tube to go to work. So here are the photos I took:

And look! On the way home I took this - see told you it was going to be a lovely bright blue sky!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hello Stranger

For the first time this year I went for a walk without a coat! Yes sunshine and warmth finally reached South London. OH opted to watch football so I went out to the park armed with a camera and had a few magical hours capturing spring coming into life. Oh blossom how I love thee....

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Crafty update

For reasons I won't go into I've had a bad couple of weeks. One of the reasons that I craft is because of the therapeutic qualities. And this week the free gift in Mollie Makes issue 36 was a god send. I so enjoyed making the first brooch in leather by Love from Hetty and Dave I made another in felt! Such a satisfying, heart felt project (sorry...) which helped me crawl out of a dark space. Trouble is I now of surplus brooches. If you'd like one (I'd be happy to spread the love) - leave a comment

Monday, 24 February 2014

Spring has sprung

Oh spring, you have finally arrived after the rain. And how you spoilt me today. Colour and sunshine. All below captured in two squares near where I work in central London. Enjoy!  

Doesn't that just warm the cockles in  your heart? And did you post a bee's bottom peeking out of one of the flowers...

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy Days

Mollie Makes is my favourite magazines, possibly of all time. I wait anxiously for my latest edition to drop through the letter box every month almost giddy with excitement. Now if you're a regular reader you will also know that I often take photos for the fabulous Crafty Fox Market so imagine my joy to hear that there was an article on the Crafty Fox in this month's Mollie Makes featuring some of my pictures!!!

Here is the article. My photos are the top row, and the final on the bottom row (right). You can't imagine how excited I was. Happy days indeed!