Spring in Holland Park

Spring is teasing us this year and is slow to emerge. I suggested to OH that we head over to Holland Park to search for signs of spring. They were there but I think we were a week or so too early to enjoy it's full glory. We managed to get off at the wrong stop on the tube, well not quite the wrong stop but not our usual stop so we came at the park at a different angle and stumbled across some magnificent tree ferns we'd not seen before. 

Through out the park the trees were slowly showing off their new leaves

And there were splashes of daffodils everywhere. 
I hadn't noticed before that Holland Park has a wonderful collection of camilias. 

And I hadn't realised that there was a stunning border full of helebores. It was quite glorious. 

We were lucky and saw this magnificent blossom. And the smell was incredible

And with a final hit of spring colour I'll end on the subtle pink of this magnolia. 

Spring colour and texture

You may have already read that OH and I met up with his sisters at Kew Gardens to see the Orchid Festival last weekend. But it wasn't just the orchids bursting with colour. Spring is on it's way with spring flowers coming into bloom. We went for a wander to enjoy the spectacle. 
As well as the colour the gardens were full of textures. Above is a cork tree. 
Kew is also on the flight path to Heathrow and I spotted this flying overhead while we were in the middle of the gardens. As you can see it was a grey day. 
But despite the cloud even Kew Palace was joining in with colour. 
We ended our walk in one of the Palm House. Here we spotted a robin inside enjoying the warmth and singing it's heart out. 
As the robin sung out I enjoyed exploring the different textures and patterns that the Palm House had to offer. 

Bursting with colour - Orchid Festival at Kew

Every year Kew helps us beat the winter blues by adding a cacophony of colour in the form of the Orchid Festival in the Princess of Wales conservatory. This weekend OH and I met up with his sisters to have a wander around. The Festival is linked with a different country for each festival and this year it was Thailand. I think it was my favourite as it was beautifully understated despite the loud colours. Past years have been big, blousey and in your face but this year it was subtle but with punches of colour bringing a smile to your face. The only downside was it was the last weekend of the festival so it was heaving with people but the spectacle was fantastic. Here is what we saw.