Josef Frank at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Some of my friends had been posting images from the Josef Frank at the Fashion and Textile Museum on Instagram and I was intrigued. I must admit that I'd never even heard of him and it wasn't something OH wanted to see. Yesterday I had a spare couple of hours so popped down and boy am I glad I did. The exhibition was a riot of colour which nourished the soul. Made even more poientant when I read that he was an Austrian born Jew who fled during the Second World War ending up in Sweden and that some of his work was made during this time.

 The overall effect was mind blowing and if you have the chance I urge you to go and have a look.

Brockwell Park in Bloom

For the past couple of months I've been having problems with my legs which has meant that I haven't been able to walk as much as we usually do. But the weather last weekend was glorious so OH and I went for a gentle stroll round my favourite Brockwell Park. OH gets a little frustrated with me when I keep stopping and starting with the camera but I managed to snap a few blooms while we went round.

Spring comes to Holland Park

A couple of weeks ago OH and I went for a wander round Holland Park. We'd discovered this park when we went to see the newly relocated Design Museum  but it was January so not looking at it's best. But with spring in the air we figured it would be good to have a stroll and see what else Holland Park had to offer. Here is what I saw:
 I love daffodils - clear signs that spring is on it's way and the colour just gladden the heart! 

 Bizarrely saw these Christmas decorations hanging in a conifer. 
 New leaves are also one of my favourites. When they are young there is an incredibly vibrancy to them. 

 We were lucky enough to see this peacock strutting his stuff trying to impress not one but two hens. 

 The noise was amazing as he ruffled all of his feathers 
 Sadly neither hen were impressed so he left disappointed

Little Bird Workshop by Abigail Brown

 Last year's resolution was to learn more skills and I loved attending various workshops. I've been an admirer of Abigail Brown's work for several years having seen it at Craft Central several years ago, and have always wondered how they were made. 
 So when I spotted that she was running a workshop I jumped at the chance to take part. 

 Abigail had brought some stunning examples of her work but above is what we mere beginners were aiming at. 
And here are the beginnings of my creation. I must admit I didn't realise how much stuffing you can stuff into one bird! It took everyone over an hour to stuff their birds! 

 It was a small group of like minded ladies. 
 My photo buddy had joined me in the workshop and was working on a realistic bird and made this fantastic goldfish. 

This was run up by Abigail during the workshop
And this is the group of finished birds by myself and the rest of the group. 
Given everyone started with the same size body it was fascinating to see how diverse they were. 
And which was mine I hear you cry? This little green number in the foreground. I must admit I was very pleased with the results and have already started on version number two.