Crafty Fox Market - Part of the Brixton Design Trail

The Crafty Fox Market presented a special edition this weekend for the Brixton Design Trail, part of London Designs week. I popped down on the Saturday and here are my favourite pictures:

The Crafty Fox Market will be in Peckham 8th and 9th October 

Last days of summer

I've experienced Indian Summers before, indeed they are common but today was the hottest day in September in the UK since 1911 apparently. And if you pop over to my Instagram feed you'll see it's a bit weird as the leaves have started to fall so it looks like Autumn but it feels like an oven so I was sat in the park amoungst the fallen leaves whilst wearing flip flops!

Anyway when I came home it seemed I wasn't the only one who wanted to bask in the sunshine before it disappeared. In my block we have a family of foxes who live in the garden that surrounds our building. I often seem them hunting for worms in the garden once it's gone dark but this guy was properly enjoying the heat eventually dozing off in the early evening sun.

And this was less than five meters from the building. I love watching wildlife so close to home. 

Great Dixter looking amazing in August

Great Dixter is one of my most favourite places on the planet. I've been lucky enough to go once a year for several years, usually in May but never with OH. Now gardens aren't really his thing and he did race around a little too quickly for my liking (I once took nearly half an hour going from the ticket office to the front door of the main house - it's a 2 minute walk tops) but he did admit that he could see why I love it so much. Here are my favourite pictures from the day, I wish I could have taken more time to take these but c'est la vie. Slight warning, there are a lot of pictures! Sorry - it's all just too gorgeous!
 To end (if you're still with me) I wanted to add a little note about the Tropical Garden which is where the old rose garden used to be. I've never really been impressed by this part of the garden as it always looks a little lack luster in May / June. Clare, who owns to the windmill we stayed in said it was her favourite part of the garden but I wasn't convinced. Until I went and my heart melted. The colours were overwhelming and everything was HUGE. When I went in they were also watering so everything was dripping with water making me feel I was in a jungle rather than East Sussex! 
Phew, blimey a lot of pictures - sorry about that but I hope you enjoyed them!