52 weeks til Christmas

Blimey, only 52 weeks til NEXT Christmas, however before then a delated share of our Christmas. This was my first in London for about 16 years but I was really looking forward to it. I normally go up to my folks in Cumbria, aka the Lake District, but after three years of severe weather and engineering works we thought it made more sense to go up in November. And I must admit it was really nice not to have to stress about going anywhere!

So O.H. and I had our first Christmas together and how spoilt was I! We started the day with cava and these fabulous flowers that my friend Cathie bought me from Lakeland. They are hibiscous flowers in syrup. You pop them in the bottom of your glass and they expand. Once you've drunk it all you can then eat them! Can honestly say they are brilliant and one of the best gifts ever!

O.H. gave me a portable photographic studio so soon I will be taking lots of photos of my creations and hopefully they'll look great! New Year's resolution, try and  take more photos of things I have made then put them in the blog!

As you can see Bert was getting into the spirit!

Marcus, my next door neighbour, came over for dinner. Bizarrely the last time I had Christmas in London Marcus came over for Christmas dinner that year as well. We were both living in different places (but still in the beloved Brixton) and at the time Marcus was a vegetarian as was the person I was seeing then so it was nut roast all round. But thankfully we are all now meat eaters so it was duck for dinner.

Now I've never cooked a duck before in my life, and neither has O.H. but thanks to tips from my dad it came out quite well I think!

And we all said it was one of the best Christmas dinners we had!

The following day Bert was still in the mood for Christmas having changed outfits! And now the count down must begin for it to start all over again for next year. Must try and start making Christmas cards earlier for sanity's sake......

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