Crafty work week three

I'm getting into quite a good rhythm of being crafty every week though this week I've been obsessed with crocheting squares. Last week you may recall I started a scarf. I went back to the haberdashery at my local department store (the fabulous Morleys in Brixton) to buy more wool for this project and became side tracked by purple wool. I had wanted to try and do a granny square but couldn't work out for the life of me from the ancient crochet book I had how to do this so started with one small square. One square soon became two then three then four.... OK  you get the idea! Anyway so far I've done 17 squares which is probably about 1/8 th of a blanket  at least. It's great as I can take it into work and do some at lunch time and it's very relaxing though I'm not sure how creative it is. But next week I need to make a few cards as birthdays and the big V day are looming so I'm not sure how much I'll get done next week. But here are some photos of the work so far

I'm seeing my mum next week at a christening (see crafty week on) who promises me that she'll show me how to do a granny square so fingers crossed! Onwards and upwards to week four. I can't believe I've done so much in just one month!

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