Cakes and portraits

Today was a miserable day in Brixton. Rain, rain, rain

Still this snail seemed to be having fun on a shrub outstide my living room window

But in Brixton it was miserable. But I'd popped down to Brixton Bake Off to take some photos;

Also took a picture of Levi Roots, Brixton legend (aka Mr Reggae Reggae sauce). So good to see that he is true to his roots (no pun intended) and he was so friendly to anyone who stopped to say hello.

Earlier this week we had a Royal Visit from Princess Anne at work and I was asked to take some of the photos. No pressure then!!! At present I am still waiting for permission from the Palace (honest!) to use my pictures in my blog (have one shot I really want to share as it's a lovely portrait) and don't want to risk being put in the Tower including it before permission is granted. However you can see some of the photos I took at the following website:

Took most except the top right, and bottom two on the right. Was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do (especially as I normally take photos of ducks and craft objects) but was so grateful for the experience. Will share if I can.....

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