Brixton Windmill 2012

Last year the fantastic Brixton Windmill was opened following an amazing restoration (yes you heard me correctly, a fully working windmill in Brixton - worth a trip if you've never seen it). You can see some of the pictures I took last year on my Flickr pages. As you can possibly see the weather was the complete opposite! One year on and there was a parade celebrating May Day, the Windmill and community spirit.

 Of course when OH & I ventured up the hill the heavens opened
But there was music a plenty to keep our spirits up waiting for the parade to reach us from the Tate Library (Windrush Square). As you can possibly tell I've been experimenting with Black and White again which I've realised disguises the gloom of the recent weather!

There was lots of fancy dress though I fear because of the appalling weather there were fewer than last year.  However this butterfly certainly brightened up the day
 The theme of the parade which had travelled from the local library up the hill was recycling and this lady had an amazing dress made from plastic bags as well as a glorious smile to outshine the weather.
 I loved the sentiment on this bag, a little random but such is life! 
And finally Simon the Stilt walker (ok you can't tell from the photos but trust me he was on stilts). OH and I shamefully gave up when the heavens opened, however an hour later the sun came back and from what I could hear they continued until 6ish. I love local events, brings out the best in people. Roll on next year! 

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