Lambeth Country Show 2017

Another highlight of July in the Brixton calendar is the Lambeth Country Show. I have been going to the show on and off since the late 90s and it just gets bigger and bigger. It took place a couple of weeks ago now but I'm only just catching up with myself.....
The vegetable sculptures are an odd heighlight of the show and this year there was a queuing system so you could get a proper view. 

The rest of the tent has an impressive array of vegetables and flowers. I have a small patch of garden but I'm always a little jealous of other people's success

Another regular feature of the show is the Scarecrow competition. The theme this year was Children's books. 
Ah the sheep competition. I'm from rural Cumbria and this always takes me back to the country show I used to attend as a child. 

I'm also a sucker for a good looking sheep! 

I mean seriously who doesn't like dreads in Brixton..... 
Another destination for me is an early visit to Vauxhall City Farm before it gets too busy
and before the goats and lamas get too full as everyone feeds them
Donkeys were a new addition. Added bonus spotted the wonderful Gina Yashere enjoying the Show 
And a stoat (least I think it's a stoat) was a new addition to the handling sessions

These guys were amazing - samba group with dancers going up and down all day 

I'm always intrigued by the fun fair - I'm so risk adverse I wouldn't go on a ride but I love watching others who do. 

And the colours. Always drawn to the colours. 

These guys are regulars - I think they are part of the RHS 

The only thing I caught in the main arena was a display from the Mounted Police. 
It was pretty impressive jumping through fire etc but I timed it really badly so couldn't get a space close to the barrier as you can see from the image below which has half of someone's head in the way! 
I had also brought one lens which wasn't ideal for arena (as my back has been playing up so was trying to travel light!)

And so that's it for another year. If you want to see more pictures from the event head over to Brixton Buzz where I have some more images. 

Urban Art Fair 2017

July is one of my favourite times of year as there is so much going on locally. The Urban Art Fair took place the same weekend as the Crafty Fox Market which were practically next door. Now I usually love the Urban Art Fair but this year the Fair decided against closing the road due to the high cost the local Council wanted to charge for the closure. This significantly changed the feel of the event which in the past was a wonderful pedestrian experience to become walking along the pavement while bemused cars drove past. It was also meant that there was not live graffiti which was always a joy for me watching artwork grow over two days. Ah well, it was still a colourful if quiet affair.